Shrink Film is a film that made of a polymer called polyolefin (POF) which composed of olefin as monomers. Due to thermoplastic material and non-polar properties, it is an excellent flame retardant and able to shrink tightly as heat is applied on.

Low energy surface and exceptional weather ability provide good insulation properties Fine molecule structure of film leads to excellent resistance against temperature extremes Perfect surface finish with high-definition and good looking wrapping due to high shrinkage
Excellent flexibility, good compression characteristics and tear resistance improve durability

Water repellency and high impact resistance due to excellent hydrophobic characteristic Eco-friendly without releasing of harmful gases into atmosphere during shrinking process Food contact approval and safe to use as the result of non-toxic with halogen free material Outstanding operation and efficient result with general purpose shrink packaging machine

Well-known as wrapping material for packaging products of both edible and non-edible Specially for packing of daily-use or entertaining products such as cosmetics, toys and others Used for food and beverage packing, pharmaceutical packing as well as daily necessity packing
Good insulator for wire or cable application, automotive application and electronic application
Type of POF: POF Bag, Center Fold, & Single Wound
Thickness: 0.012mm, 0.015mm, 0.019mm, 0.025mm

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